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When we develop a service website or an app which involves user communication login becomes the basic requirement, apart from the conventional login, now the trend is social login and it makes the login simple convenient and secure. This tutorial covers a detailed explanation of how to implement facebook login.
4629 views 1 year ago Tutorials PHP
Databases are the heart of the data on any system and definitely its worth to keep them secure. Since PHP and MySQL work hand-in-hand so often, some understanding of these concepts for protecting databases is important for every programmer.
4135 views 2 years ago Tutorials PHP
Remote execution attack, it involve misusing the internal logic of your application in order to execute arbitrary commands or scripts on the server. Since it takes place in your protected environment on the server, it is a very serious problem.
3502 views 2 years ago Tutorials PHP
One of the most common web security threat is session hijacking. Here the attacker steals the cookie used to authenticate the user from remote server and creates a false identity to take over the user session. As the hacked session appears valid, it is very hard to detect the attack, so proper pre-emptive steps should be take keeps the sessions safe.
12192 views 2 years ago Tutorials PHP
Sometimes we see webpages popup unnecessary alerts, unexpected form submissions and even a huge stack of fake links to untrusted websites. Probably the website is attacked using cross site scripting also known as xss attack. This tutorial is focused on what is this attack, what it can do and how to prevent it.
19406 views 2 years ago Tutorials PHP
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