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Are you fed up with the routine bootstrap or foundation css? Wanna try something new..which is simple,minimalistic and cool? Here we are presenting our bottle css, a simple minimalistic css, visually attractive and fast in loading. Try it you will love it.
2030 views 2 years ago Projects HTML & CSS
A small script to demonstrate facebook like chat application using html jquery and css. In this tutorial you will learn how to align chat window to the bottom of the page then toggling the chatbox up and down using jquery and finally pushing the content from chatbox to chat window
2506 views 2 years ago Tutorials HTML & CSS
After the advent of facebook, the design of pages has been drastically changed, be it a webpage or blog post or even a text feed people are tending towards a social wall design. This tutorial covers a detailed explanation on how to design a facebook wall like page with some front end functionalities using jquery ajax functions. This is purely design implementation (no backend)
6007 views 2 years ago Tutorials HTML & CSS