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One of the most popular web development language, and my favorite too. Its easy to learn and implement. Sometimes it may become overhead if not coded properly. yet i believe its powerful and robust.
The most dynamic computer programming language, giving a launchpad for developers to build fantabulous front end applications. Its the cutting edge technology for client side scripts.
If html is the body then i would say css is the makeup. With the advent of html5 and css3,the design became stunning. The device portable designs and sturctures have almost revamped the web apps.
If its CMS or a blog or even an e-commerce application, wordpress has become the first choice. Be it the stunnign themes, cool plugins or huge support community.. wordpress is number one.
Joomla is a better alternative to wordpress, lot of customization, user friendliness and above all awesome extensions. About 2.5% or more websites in the world are running on joomla. I started my career with this :)
We are always on, connected and exploring, we feel to establish some presence in this virtual world, be it to earn online, build a website or market products. Here is a stack of articles which help you connect to the web, a step beyond just browsing.
Web is huge, for every software there are hundreds of alternatives. Each is unique in its presences and use, and we are always struck in picking up the best one. This sections give you some in depth review of the softwares and in particular web softwares.
We dream big, we have stunning plans, and even we are sure about the success but the only thing that pulls us down is risk, there is a thin line to dream and to make the dream a reality. Here is a collections of dreamers who made their dreams come true :)
It takes a lot of hard work, patience and enormous struggle to build the company. Its not advisable to dive in directly, instead a research on the existing work would help to build something really great. Here are stories of amazing startups.
A dump for uncategorized tutorials, projects and code snippets. This section may be clumsy and dull but it may help you in some code development. Im not a great programmer so all the crap and trash code stacked here.