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The story of social media giant Mark Zuckerberg

The story of social media giant Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg was considered a ‘prodigy’ by Newman, his tutor. He became a computer programmer at an early age of 12. Mark Zuckerberg was a sophomore at Harvard, where he built his dream, Facebook in a dorm room. Once a small dream in a dorm room turned him to be world’s one of the youngest billionaire and the owner of social media giant Facebook.

The glimpse of Mark Zuckerberg’s life

Zuckerberg was born on 14th of May 1984 in White Plains of New York city. He is the co- founder of the biggest social network website, Facebook. Soon after he cracked the programming of Facebook he left Harvard in 2nd year of graduation to give in more time for Facebook. At present, the dream creation of Zuckerberg has more than 250 million accounts of people across the globe. The success of social networking website has made Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in the recent times.

The early life of social Networking giant

Mark Zuckerberg‘s father Edward Zuckerberg was a dentist and mother Karen Kempner was a psychiatrist. Mark was raised along with his three siblings in a small town approximately ten miles from New York City. He had an attachment towards the classics during his school days and was an excellent student. He was also successful in other games and outdoor activities like fencing. He was a brilliant computer programmer right from his school days, and his teachers often found it difficult to beat him in this field. He enjoyed and was immensely successful in writing computer programs that dealt with games and other communications tools.

Code in school days

He started a communications program named “ZuckNet” which allowed several computers connected to his house and in his Father’s dental clinic to communicate with each other. The program was thought to be a primitive one to the AOL’s instant messenger application.

He even developed a music player named ‘synapse’ which was often termed as the early version of Pandora. Many top companies, like AOL and Microsoft, showed interest in buying the program and also hiring the prodigy child in their company.

The turning point in Zuckerberg’s life – Harvard life

A considerable turning point in his life was right during his college years when he created a site called “facemash” that allowed students to choose the best looking person from a wide collection of photos. Although it was created mainly for fun, the idea for the entire future of social networking was born right out of this concept. The college students had books known as “Face Books”, which contained the pictures and names of all the students residing in the dormitory. The basic idea was to choose the best person and vote. The site was operational for a week before the same was stopped, as it was overloading the university’s switches, and also many students had raised an objection towards using their data and pictures without permission. The following semester in 2004, Zuckerberg started to work hard on developing a better version of “facemash” and ultimately launched “Thefacebook” on 4th February, 2004.

Timeline of milestones

February 2004: After the launch of “Thefacebook”, which was originally intended to act as an interconnecting and communicating platform for Harvard students, Zuckerberg wanted to spread out this network to other schools and universities. This was done in subsequent steps and was an instant success. Peter Thiel also offered him investment and the first office was established in the middle of 2004. During this tenure, he was approached by a large number of major companies and business houses offering a handsome sum for this new project but he refused to sell this project. His vision was to create a stage that would facilitate the common human beings with steady ebb of flow of information. Mark Zuckerberg has been marked as one of the most influential people in the age of Information and computer communications.

Gradually, Facebook has transformed itself into an indispensable part of the human life. There are millions of users all over the world connected to each other through this amazing network. The concept itself was so simple yet the overall impact of this network has defied and baffled most critics who were skeptical about the overall feasibility of this Social network.

March 2004: Wayne Chang built an application for file share between peer to peer named”i2bub”. Both Facebook and I2hib were gaining huge importance from the press when Mark Zuckerberg along with his copartners Adam D'Angelo, Andrew McCollum and Sean Parker created “Wirehog”. The Wirehog was considered to be the progenitor for the Facebook applications.

Year 2007: In 2007, May 24, Zuckerberg announced Facebook platform, wherein developers around the world can create their applications for Facebook usage. The announcement created hysteria, and many developers started building their apps, few apps even started getting millions of followers. In November, Zuckerberg announced the launch of a social advertising tool that named “Beacon”. The “beacon” would help the users to share the information about their browsing activities to their friend list in Facebook.

August 2013 Zuckerberg, via a public post in Facebook (in August), announced the launching of a project named The project is mainly created to bring in internet connection to more than 5 million people who have no relation to the internet world. Zuckerberg further stated that it would be a three-tier planning strategy.


Success does not come without problems and controversies. The same is also true for Mark Zuckerberg. The primary initial problem was the lawsuit that was filed by his co-programmers as they had the belief that they were developing a product for use in Harvard University. This case was settled later on. The current troubles are more related to other problems like the misuses of Facebook for promoting unethical and immoral practices that have incidentally put him under a lot of flak from a number of countries and people. The main contradictory issue with this type of social networking is that while many people would use the format for useful purposes; there are also certain sections as well that utilize the system with harmful and criminal intentions. Acts like these would bring the overall success and goodwill of Facebook under scanner.

The way ahead

It is hard to deny that Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most victorious entrepreneurs of the modern world. He has shown the way of innovation towards the global communications and has given birth to a new concept of networking- the social network. Socializing has now become a high-priority part of the modern life and had has millions of users and followers all over the world. Mark is one of the persons who steer by example and could act as a role model for every human being to create something outstanding from a very ordinary concept. This Mark story should stay as an important lesson in the life of every human being.

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