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pathang is a simple developer friendly web app development framework. Dynamic theme swapping, multiple rendering option, simple routing, object data store and modular approach are the kool features of pathang. Conventions are less and therefore its quite easy to learn and implement.

The Story

I have worked quite a long time on joomla, more of building a website by integrating different extensions and templates. Things were very smooth, one fine day i thought of building my own extension and there the problem started, joomla has too many conventions to follow and documentation is not at all developer friendly. It became really hard to build a simple app using joomla then i thought why am i complicating my life? Why not build something really simple and easy to use? It was then i started working on php framework… after multiple iterations finally i released the framework ‘pathang’. All my apps are right now working on pathang.

Diving in

In Indian context Pathang refers to fighter kite, a very light flying object made of color paper and controlled using string. On similar lines our framework is also very light and the application is controlled using controller classes. Every line of code is written keeping in mind ‘to keep things simple’, for this reason pathang has very few but significant features that are frequently used in the development cycle of any project. The conventions are less and therefore learning curve is simple and fast.

What makes it unique is its simplicity and clarity over code. It gives the developer a complete control over the app development. App structure is designed based on MVC architecture for a clean separation of business logic, database interaction and presentation. Modular code development through snippets is another key feature which keeps the code organized and gives an outlet for reusing the code fragments.

Core Features

  1. Simple URL routing
  2. Multiple rendering options – html/json/theme view
  3. Dynamic theme swap
  4. Object Data Processing
  5. Modular Approach

Docs and Download

Have an hands on experience on the code here with the live demo. Also download a copy of the code and test it...and your feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

Wrap Up

If you are developing a simple application or website then Pathang is for you. You would definitely love it ;) . I have tried my best to document the framework with simple examples, I would really appreciate your feedback on the code as well as help docs. You can write to me at

im krishna Teja, im a computer science engineer by qualification, a physics teacher by profession and a programmer by interest. I'm an expert in building visually stunning web apps using javascript, ...

All our projects are open source and free, do try/test our code and give your valuable suggestions. Together we can make this community better.