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yes ! macbook pro is awesome

yes ! macbook pro is awesome

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Undoubtable macbook is the best laptop ever i have used. Its cool in its look and feel and gives a vibrant feel and pride when you hold it. Trust me its worth that cost. Its been 2 months since i have purchased this macbook. I’m a video blogger and i do some video editing so i needed a good laptop to support high end softwares and this was my choice.

Why this?

My macbook pro is 2013 model 13 inch 250GB SSD with retina display. I purchased it in qatar and it costed me slightly more than US pricing, i took it for QR 6200 thats USD 1700 and INR 107000. I know its a too hefty price, i could have brought a lower end macbook by compromising a bit on SSD and display but i felt when i’m invest something on best laptop why to compromise on anything. Macbook’s charm is in its retina display and so i can't leave it for any reason.. secondly 128 GB is not sufficient for heavy softwares and video storage, and im planning to use this at least for another 3 to 4 years so 256GB was ideal.

What impressed me?

I have been using windows for more than 10 years but once i started using mac i felt why dint i ever try was so awesome. The macbook is super user friendly and visually stunning in its hardware as well as software. let me give you few super kool feature of macbook.

  • The magic of macbook is in its trackpad, we can virtually do everything except typing through it. Its very tightly integrated with software and its very much responsive. The multi touch, gestures are remarkable. i have never seen such great track pad so far.
  • The Display is the next best thing in macbook. They call is retina display for non techies i can say good pixel clarity. To test it just put your windows and mac laptop side by side you can easily differentiate. The colors and clarity is too good. You will definitely fall in love with it.
  • Lastly its usability, when we start using it, the flowing of work is so smooth. Like swiping between windows, multitasking and app dashboard etc they make the work so quick and smooth. Unlike windows no need to use any refresh button or task manager.

Any good inbuilt softwares

Macbook is shipped with some default apps which make our work comfortable. I could strikingly see two to three apps which are super kool. First is photobooth, distorting the images, which is available in ipads and iphones as well but new thing here is it can even remove the background screen on live recording. Second is keynote of mac is really kool, i felt it was better in its look and feel. Lastly garage band is awesome, i could literally play around all instruments. im not a musician but i felt it was really great.

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