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Hashimage is an image manipulation library using php. Its written with object oriented principles with a footprint of hardly 15kb.The php method chaining and anonymous functions makes the code very simple to implement. The library is extended to make an online editor and a web service for remote access.

What can we do with hashimage?

With Hashimage we can edit images on fly, it takes no time to add instagram like filters to images and they are visually stunning. Using hashimage we can resize,crop,rotate,flip or add layers.The core image properties like brightness, contrast, smoothness and even pixels can be altered easily. We can add watermark at any position with variation of size and opacity.

Demo and Download

Have an hands on experience on the code here with the live demo. Also download a copy of the code and test it...and your feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

As a Library

The project started with an aim to build an efficient library in php to edit images. The focus was to keep the code simple in its implementation so php method chaining and anonymous functions have been used. Most developers use the image cropping and watermarking at some point in their projects and using hashimage it gonna be really quick and productive. Fork out project on github.

As an Editor

Once we rolled out the library people asked us for a proper demo and so we were forced to build an online editor to showcase the power of hashimage. Interestingly it came out really awesome and we made it live. Anyone can edit their image online using our hashimage editor. try it now - hashimage online editor.

As a Web Service

Though php is used by many, there are quite a few who work on different platforms. To make the app useful for all, we have built a restful api service. With simple syntaxes whole of the hashimage features can be accessed remotely. Read our help docs and integrate with our api im sure you will like it.

The Story

All this happened accidental.. we never intended to build anything as mentioned above.. it all started with a video tutorial for our youtube channel,as a continuation to ajax image uploader and drag drop image uploader we thought to come up with image manipulation using php gd library like resize,cropping,rotation etc. In this brainstorming, we could realise that a beautiful php library can be written and with some hardship we could succeed in bring out a simple php library for image manipulation. ;)

we started to share it across the social networks and people demanded some online demo and so we coded a online editor and its live .A few days later one of my friend suggest me why not to bring out a web service for the app so that i can be accessed cross platform, and we felt it was sounding good and finally we released the web api service as well :)

im krishna Teja, im a computer science engineer by qualification, a physics teacher by profession and a programmer by interest. I'm an expert in building visually stunning web apps using javascript, ...

All our projects are open source and free, do try/test our code and give your valuable suggestions. Together we can make this community better.