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Bottle Css

Bottle Css

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Are you fed up with the routine bootstrap or foundation css? Wanna try something new..which is simple,minimalistic and cool? Here we are presenting our bottle css, a simple minimalistic css, visually attractive and fast in loading. Try it you will love it.

I love bootstrap css, foundation css and even pure css, but somehow i find them a bit heavy for most of my applications and i feel they have become routine/dull because it has been implemented on most of the web apps in market. So i have built this css to keep things minimal and for a new look and feel.

I primarily focussed on grids… most frameworks give some gutter space around each grid block...but i felt most my apps never needed it, and so i didn't include any gutter space. you can add it if you need it.

Have an hands on experience on the code here with the live demo. Also download a copy of the code and test it...and your feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

Then the basic styles and fonts have been included. The next focus was laid on the backgrounds and text colors. Generally when i build any website, it usually has some flavour of a color, and all the elements in that page need the shades related to that color. Here in bottle css i have made some color codes with corresponding shades and gave some simple naming convention so that its convenient to use.

im krishna Teja, im a computer science engineer by qualification, a physics teacher by profession and a programmer by interest. I'm an expert in building visually stunning web apps using javascript, ...