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Article writing can earn money online

Article writing can earn money online

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The literary skills that you hone and possess are really a treasure for you. A real talent. Be it writing or editing, these are some of the skills that pays you well for all your knowledge and talent. By writing, you can earn money. That would probably sound odd. But it is really true.

If you know to form correct sentences and can write a paragraph without any grammatical errors and you have a basic typing knowledge, you can easily put all these together and this will become a source of your daily income. Without wasting any time, you can do this for a good sum of money. Or if writing is your passion and it is something that you enjoy doing, and then you can easily earn money by writing in your leisure.

Article writing

Writing has always been considered one of the best skills that one posses. Once you start writing and keep trying it, there is no ’u’ turn. You start enjoying with each word and it becomes way simpler and easier for you. People would probably think that it is not possible if you haven’t yet started it. But it can be done by anybody with no age group or gender. The best part is, it is a freelance service. You don’t have to go to any office or firm and be there sharp at 9 in the morning. You can always sit at home, leisurely and spend your day with comfort and simultaneously write the article and get paid for it. There are many companies who offer a big amount for the article writing and they are as regular jobs. At the same time, there are companies and firms and the nonprofit organizations who offer the freelance jobs and content works. You can find them and do your job at home itself.

Now you would be thinking, how I can find such companies? How to start it? How will I know which company is reliable when I am freelancing?

How to find the writing work?

All that you need to do in order to start off this work is, browse in the internet. This would help you a lot and you will be surprised with the number of results who offer the freelance writing work. You can go to their web pages and start enquiring about them for checking out the firm. There are many agents, while providing the freelance work, they get the work done and often forbid paying, making reasons and thereby cheating the writers. So it is important for you to check the company/firm/ agent who is offering the work.

When you work in person and go the office, you know the person since you meet them daily and you can easily ask if there is any discrepancy. But when you are freelancing, you have to be very careful of whom you are providing the work. Get all the necessary details and get the contact numbers too. Make sure you talk to them over phone at least once before starting up the work.

In order to find the work, you can subscribe yourself to the free newsletters that are available online. There are many web sites that offer these newsletter and subscription. If you want to know more in short time, you can also opt for the subscription that charges some amount. You will get numerous response for it. The other option is, you can register in the online portals that helps you to look out for freelance or online jobs. This will also be a great source for getting work. Some reliable online article related sites like,, have verified clients who give direct payment for the article writing work. The reputation of the clients in these sites for writing work is always high.

How to start the work?

You will not be very confident during the start and you will not know how to start off and do the work. Once you have found the work load, start searching and getting the details and the data about the topic. You can make a rough copy with the main points too. Start writing and continue to do so as long as you can and write as much as you can. Once you have completed, you can go through the content for the relevancy with the topic. If there is any editing you can also do it. Re check for the grammatical errors and sentence formation. There are various tools that are available online for doing this checking work. The auditing is really easy if you have such tools in your computer or laptop. This will help you to make your content error free. You will not be able to write with ease during the start. But as you keep writing and as you go, you will gradually pick up and you can easily give more words in short time than you really expect.

How to know about the payments and the charges?

Recently, there has been more demand for the writers than any other thing. Quality writing is appreciated and looked out for. When you know what you are writing is meeting up the standard and the quality, you can demand for more. It usually depends on the number of words and the writers are paid bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Sometimes it also depends on the project. The topics might differ every time and you have to be ready to execute the best out of every topic. The key for this is to search and collect more data so that you have much knowledge about what you are going to write.

There are agents who would probably pay you less. You can then ask for more or you can search for companies or firms who pay a decent amount for your writings. The online resources would help you to know whether you are under- paid or less paid. With this, you can easily make money, sitting at home and just typing few words on a topic. You won’t have to slog and sweat for each penny. This is one of the best works that one can have for home based. The money will be paid through the online system or NEFT. For online sites like and have their own secured payment gateway through which the clients pay directly to the content writers.

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