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Hi :) im Krishna Teja . its almost 5 years since i fell in love with in my college days where i started building websites and slowly web applications. Out of web search i found joomla was easy, flexible and powerful CMS to develop dynamic websites. With joomla days passed very quickly... i started freelancing and i have built decently good websites.My Interest pushed me to learn joomla component and module development, its then i understood that, joomla is a nightmare for developers. It has too many crazy conventions to follow. I tried hard to master it but i couldn't, i questioned oneself... why cant i write a simpler code? and thats the beginning of packetcode.

i dumped my first girlfriend joomla and took a long break to write a simple framework to develop web apps, and its ready, its pathang framework. You may be wondering why to write a new framework when so many flexible and robust frameworks available in the market. And my answer pretty lazy to read through vast documentations of existing code and secondly pathang is an experiment project to understand code better and feel i could succeed in that. The current website is running on pathang.

Under this process of building a framework, i have recorded several instances of code development in a series of video tutorials and it gained a lot of popularity. I got a good appreciation globally, i received several mails asking me to continue video tutorials, that small applaud highly motivated me to launch this website to support the fellow developer community.

Packetcode aims to build simple web projects useful for the programmers also some sneaky tutorials to enlighten novice coders. Im not a great programmer, i learn the code when ever i find time, and im trying to encapsulate my new learnings in the form of tutorials. you can also join me ...share your tutorials or code here with the community :)
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A High School graduate. Addicted to Music, Web Design, Blogging, Web Development and Photoshop. Loves CSS a lot. Has 3 years of experience with blogging and 2 years with Web Design and Development.

Pallavi Srinivas
Passionate Web designer and application developer. Creativity is my strength, blending thoughts with power of design is what makes work unique.

Software Testing

Srinivas Kadiyala
Testing is my passion and i do it to provide information as a service.I believe testing is playing with your own mind. It not only relates to technology or domain but also relates to psychology

The Founder

im krishna Teja, im a computer science engineer by qualification, a physics teacher by profession and a programmer by interest.

I'm an expert in building visually stunning web apps using javascript, html5, css3 and php.

I love to code and hate to document or debug :P.