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Are you fed up with the routine bootstrap or foundation css? Wanna try something new..which is simple,minimalistic and cool? Here we are presenting our bottle css, a simple minimalistic css, visually attractive and fast in loading. Try it you will love it.
2030 views 2 years ago Projects HTML & CSS
pathang is a simple developer friendly web app development framework. Dynamic theme swapping, multiple rendering option, simple routing, object data store and modular approach are the kool features of pathang. Conventions are less and therefore its quite easy to learn and implement.
2495 views 2 years ago Projects PHP
Hashimage is an image manipulation library using php. Its written with object oriented principles with a footprint of hardly 15kb.The php method chaining and anonymous functions makes the code very simple to implement. The library is extended to make an online editor and a web service for remote access.
2145 views 2 years ago Projects PHP
A php social networking script designed using pathang framework. With feedstack we can build an awesome private social community website. A clean responsive template, powerful admin panel, smooth jquery animation effects keeps the feedstack ahead of the crowd.
3615 views 2 years ago Projects PHP